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Kevin Hill 9fc2b71bd3
Alacritty update
6 months ago
.config Alacritty update 6 months ago
.vim Make ncm2 optional again 3 years ago
.gdbinit Add gdb init 2 years ago
.gitconfig master as default branch 2 years ago
.gitignore Add polyglot plugin to vim, remove tmux autostart, fix .zshrc install scirpt 3 years ago
.ideavimrc Add rustfmt configuration, max_lines 120 3 years ago
.joerc Remove symlinks 3 years ago
.latexmkrc Update tex, pythoncache folder, latexmkrc 3 years ago
.nvimrc Add vim rc files 3 years ago
.rustfmt.toml auto magically git pull tmux 3 years ago
.tmux.conf Merge conflict 3 years ago
.vimrc Coc nvim + omz update 2 years ago
.zshrc Alacritty update 6 months ago